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Quarantine in Japan

Traveling during the pandemic was especially difficult with covid testing and masks being required for all flights. This was no exception for my trip to Japan last year, though it came with much more difficulties on top. Clearing the PCR test pre-flight, I boarded the plane, and during the flight I started my initial paperwork that I needed to get into Japan. While the paperwork is usually very basic, this time there was much more to read and write. Arriving at the airport was another PCR test, more paperwork, and apps to install on the phone. The app made sure I followed the covid rules while in Japan and it checked my location now and then, as well as my health condition. All of this took about 7 hours until I finally arrived at the quarantine hotel in which I was stuck for 3 full days. Food and water was delivered at set times, but I could not step out of the room until on the 3rd day I was clear with another PCR test. I was picked up by my family’s car at the airport, as I was still not allowed to take any public transportation. Arriving at my family’s place, I was faced with 11 more days of quarantine there. Overall, it was not a fun way to visit Japan, but at least I got to see some of my family.

 By: Akihiro Sano

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