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By: Anonymous

I still vividly recall the first few weeks of the pandemic. UC San Diego would send out notification emails regarding the status of Covid and in the middle-end of Winter Quarter 2020, students were notified that in-person classes would be shifted to a remote setting. At first, I was in disbelief that such a global epidemic had ensued given that lecture, homework, and tests were

the routine in a given week. Nonetheless, a few days later reality struck and when the opportunity to cancel my housing contract arose, I quickly took it and moved back home. Although I enjoyed spending my days living with my apartment-mates and waking up half an hour before lecture and walking to class, the concept of being away from my family during such a distraught time was heart-wrenching. Nevertheless, I consider myself lucky to live within driving distance of UC San Diego because it gave me the ability to readily return to my loved ones. I still get upset when thinking of other students who were not so fortunate to easily commute back to their own home. I would say that the pandemic, not confined to just the start, was a test of my own character and what I valued from life.

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