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By: Carol-Yajie Yang

  The first few months of the pandemic were quite unbearable, since all of my classes changed to online, and we were not allowed to have parties at home in New  Jersey. Back then, the only thing I did was just finish the course via Zoom and stay in my room without friends accompanying me. After a few weeks, school started to offer online yoga or meditation via Zoom, and I started to get used to chatting with my friends via  FaceTime. We shared fun stories during the pandemic like the cooking and other handicrafts stuff. It seemed like I have gotten used to this kind of lifestyle and learned to enjoy it. I even started to learn the dance which I wanted to do a few years ago. So, this pandemic seemed to be a chance for me to do anything I planned to do in the past few years, and it felt good to start new things. And now, after getting all 3 vaccines, we are able to go wherever we want to go, and I did not feel any stress anymore about the pandemic. 

  During the pandemic, unfortunately, I got COVID when I went out with my boyfriend. I did a rapid test and then went to urgent care to see what I can do to make myself better. The doctor told me to hydrate frequently, take some vitamin C, and also not panic about it. After the urgent care, I spent 10 days quarantined at home and did the rapid test daily. However, it was still positive after 10 days of quarantine. So, I decided to spend more days at home. I began to pay more attention to daily nutrition, which made sure I would have vitamin C, high-quality protein, and high-quality fat daily. 5 days later, my antigen rapid test turned negative and so did my PCR test. After this, I found out that many friends of mine would also take paXlovid to accelerate the apoptosis of coronavirus with the assistance of this primary physician. Generally, I did not suffer a lot while I got covid and the symptoms might differ between people and we do not need to panic or overreact with covid.

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