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When Covid suddenly appeared in our lives, it drastically changed the way we experienced our day-to-day reality. Interactions with people, that were taken for granted and had so much value for one’s mental health, stability, motivation, and happiness, were taken away. In my experience, the one thing that was left was nature, which I had also taken for granted and forgotten its value. Walking up the hill above my house every day played such an important role in making the long and lonely days of quarantine bearable. It became a ritual for me to go and sit on a bench at the top of the hill around sundown. The image in the background was taken during one of those sunsets. I did feel lonely, and I did reminisce about my social life, just like the boy in the image, who misses all of what he envisions and feels locked up. However, that loneliness allowed me to turn inwards, and listen to my thoughts and feelings. It gave me space for self-reflection. The left part of this collage represents exactly that. So, looking back at that tough period of my life, I dare say it was a “blessing in disguise” for me. Life stopped moving so fast, and maybe even for the first time did I realize the importance of spending time by and with myself. 

More about Eleni Dimou

I’m a 20y/o Psychology student, studying in UCL, London. I was born and raised in Greece but moved to London a couple years ago for my studies. Despite studying Psychology, I also have a great passion for art, specifically modern and digital art. Upon the completion of my undergraduate degree, I’m aspiring to pursue a career combining my deep interest in the human psychology as well as my love for art. 

When I was proposed to contribute to this project, I was very excited to share my own experience of covid through a visual piece. Despite the difficulties I experienced due to the pandemic, I believe it was a very valuable time in my life, that taught me a lot of things about myself, but also enriched my perception of the world as well as my perspective on what truly matters in life.


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