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By: Jason Papaioannides

Copy of Jason Papaioannides final submission.jpeg

Artist Statement


The work serves as a visual illustration of the separation that can exist between body and soul as a result of overwhelming isolation. In the past years, this is something that the world has experienced on a scale that has never been seen before and consequently, the effects of it still linger in society and ourselves to this day. Though its existence is negative, this image showcases how long-term isolation changes people, often giving way to a deeper exploration of one's inner self. The results of this deep exploration can sometimes differ from what existed prior and lead to a change in how one perceives the self and the world.

More about Jason Papaioannides

I believe; that art exists as the medium through which emotion, can align itself with logic; in order to express things that otherwise would remain concealed. My submission to this project serves as an attempt to do just that.

Instagram: _jason.pap

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