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Being a student during the pandemic wasn’t, and still isn’t, easy at all. I struggled a lot mentally, but thankfully I ended up finding comfort in some things to help me get by. I included some pictures of my bird; his name is Sky. I got him near when the pandemic started, and he’s definitely made it easier for me. Being inside the house constantly obviously made me miss nature more, and so I started taking pictures of things I found beautiful whenever I would go outside. I started paying attention to the small details in nature. I slowly became obsessed with the sky (fun fact: that’s why I named my bird Sky!) and plants.

Being around nature brought me so much peace as I started to appreciate it more. I started an album on my phone filled with pictures from whenever I’m outside, and I decided to share some of them in the collage. Last but not least, I got into making food. I loved looking up new recipes and trying to make new things with my mom and grandma. It was really fun, and I felt so accomplished after I saw and tasted the finished product of something new. It’s definitely one of my daily hobbies now. Overall, I would say that I had multiple places I found community throughout the pandemic. Those were just some of my favorite pictures to share with everyone because they captured the moments when I truly appreciated what was in front of me in such hard times. I also included a playlist of songs that I listened to a lot during the pandemic. Personally, each song reminds me of a specific time/moment, and some songs are even tied to certain people.

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