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By: Mackenzie May

Coming into UCSD as a freshman during Covid was very difficult. As a player on the women’s soccer team, we were supposed to show up to school about a month and a half early to begin training for the new season, but with Covid still spiking, we were not only unable to start training early, but our entire season got cancelled. From playing soccer at a young age, playing college soccer was all I had been working for my whole life, and getting committed to a school like UCSD was a huge accomplishment for me that I was looking forward to. This pandemic caused a lot of change in everyone’s lives, and as seen through my collage, changed the way our team had to train throughout the year. We had to wear masks while we trained, and had to stay six feet apart from each other during practices, which, for a contact sport like soccer, was extremely difficult to do, and was a huge adjustment for everyone on the team. We even had to do our fitness test while wearing masks, which was not only difficult, but even dangerous for some people on the team. This time was hard, but helped our team grow close together and realize how much we should not take for granted. 

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