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By: Pedro Adame

Eyes shut, morning haze
Can’t tell the difference between each day
Same faces in the house, I wonder if I'll ever get out
I whisper to myself this is only temporary
Because I know if I don’t, the circumstances already feel overwhelming

For a moment it was calm, relaxing one might say
But the silent madness that accompanies loneliness is deafening I do not know how much strength I have left
I can feel myself getting dizzy
As I try to catch my breath

Is this a panic I feel?
I’m running out of time
But time for what? Time is all we have,
The world had stopped working and so did my dad
The loss of a home? I would not allow that, because we were blessed To find people to support us,
We knew we could last.

I found a job, a light at the end of the tunnel, I returned back to the place I had called home San Diego, my home, I came back
And now to restart my life, with the strength I once had.

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