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By: Shuxuan Du (Angela)

           Because the school required Internet access due to the epidemic, I had enough time, of course, but the problem had also increased. One of the most annoying and challenging things I've ever encountered was communicating with my roommate. Unfortunately, in the end, I couldn't solve it and I moved out of my rented room, ending this unpleasant relationship. 

           One of my roommates fought with me a lot during that time, any small thing she would do ended up  turning into a huge argument. She would blame me for a lot of things I didn't do, and when I’d say I  didn't do it, she would say I'm lying. While I was trying to resolve our issues through face-to-face discussion, she often changed her schedule temporarily, delaying the start of the discussion. At the same time, she’d often bring her boyfriend back for the night, despite the quarantine requirements at the apartment and school. 

           I have to say that this period was really hard for me. Being in the same space with others for a long time and contacting each other for a long time may enhance the relationship, but if there is a  conflict between them, then this conflict will be difficult to eliminate. Generally, when people have conflicts, many people choose to go elsewhere to relax or do other things. However, during the epidemic, people cannot go out due to isolation, and everyone loses their way of relaxing, so the conflict will intensify. People are different individuals, it is difficult to unify our thoughts, and our character can only be changed by compromise. When everyone insists on their own ideas and  refuses to give in, conflicts are inevitable. 

          I think conflicts arise from each other. Although the external cause is anxiety caused by the isolation of the epidemic, I think the main reason for the development of conflicts is the attitude between people and people. This is also the part I should learn more about. However, I think that sometimes choosing to escape is also a solution. For a problem that requires cooperation from both parties, the solution will be greatly reduced if one party refuses to cooperate. Therefore, leaving the other half of the problem is also a solution.

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