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By: Wenhao Yu 

          During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the biggest challenge was making changes to my everyday life. The painting above demonstrates the changes in my life before and after the pandemic. Before the pandemic, I often went out to eat at restaurants with my classmates and

friends. We loved to try a variety of styles, from Chinese to American to Thai. But after the

the pandemic began, we could only eat takeaway at home and the experience amongst friends was taken away.

          Before the pandemic, my friends and I could meet every day during school hours, and spend time studying and communicating in the library after class. After the pandemic, we could only meet on ZOOM, Though we could meet via Zoom, most of the time spent there would only allow us to study together and much of the interaction was stripped away. Before the pandemic, we always had a party on Fridays, sometimes we played outside, other times we went home to watch TV and play games together. After the pandemic, every Friday became different, I could only play with my mobile phone and check my computer in my room.

           When the pandemic is over, I hope I can travel to wherever I want without worrying about any travel restriction. When the pandemic is over, I hope I can watch the fireworks in the crowd without worrying about being close to other people. When the pandemic is over, I hope I can go to Universal, Disneyland, Six Flags without worrying about being exposed to the virus.

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